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Subject: Thank you!
Hello there,
My name is K. and I am a student at Quebec High School. I was in the audience when you delivered your moving speech about the drugworld and how it affected your life. That morning, when I heard we had an assembly, I was naturally very happy because I knew we would be missing class. But I wasn't that enthused to hear yet another speech on drug prevention... not because I don't think it's interesting, but because I thought I knew it all. But when you got up there and I saw the way you affected the crowd and the way you affected me, I rapidly changed my mind. You spoke with such passion and such conviction that no one could even try to not pay attention. Your words moved me and motivated me in a way I have never known. My brother is a drug addict, and even seeing him screw up time and time again has never motivated me the way you have. After your speech, I was so touched and I was feeling so emotional that I stole away to the bathrooms, and in my tiny secluded stall I said a prayer of thanks for your life and the wonderful things that you are doing. I have always wanted to be a social worker, and now I think I know exactly what branch I want to go into.


Thank you so much for what you do, thank God for your life,




Subject: C. that admires you 100%
Hey Alvin, I'm C..I'm the girl that asked you if you were ever going to write a book...I just wanted to say that I love your story...I'd hear it everyday if I could...last year your story touched me and made me stop I'm a full time student and training to be a police officer..again thanks allot..I owe it all to you Good luck on the job bye bye xxxxx C. that admires you 100%



Subject: Hey Alvin
Hey alvin, my name is B. and i am a sec 5 student at centennial, the one that helped you go to the washroom. anyways, i wanted to say thank you for the speech you made at our school last year. i used to be a big stoner like smoke all the time, that was all my life. nothing matter to me except weed. i had no life what so ever. all my friends were stoners too and i didnt like that. but i had no reason to stop. alvin, your speech made such a big impact on me. i quit a couple of days after you talked to us. i might sound corny but i did. i didnt like being stoned. i would always bad trip and be board and paranoia on it. i hated it. one day, an angel came to save me and that angel was you. your story touched me deep down and ill never forget what youve been through. now i am completely sobered up. yes i drink when i go out but no more drugs for me. i hate them. i am an anti drug person.i help my friends get off it too. one of my friends was as bad as i was, actually even worst. he had started coke and he came to see me. i spend a night with him talking to him and helping him. i was there to listen to him and try my best to keep evil away from him. i dont talk to him any more but last time i had a chat with him, he called me to say thank you for being there for him. i had this great feeling in me, an undescriptive feeling of happiness. i did humanitairy aide after this and him thanking me was better. he had a job and he when straight back to cegep afterwards. you know, i was hard for me to stop since all my friends were drug addicts. i had to stop seeing my friends and get knew one. i dont know if you know this alvin but now a days, most teenagers smoke weed regularly and it was hard finding new friends who didnt do drugs and who werent nerds. but you know what, i did, she is now my best friend. the girl you saw with me was her. i love her to death and i would do anything for her. all this to say alvin that you were my angel to save me and i thank you for this. do not stop what your doing. i know sometimes you might feel like its not worth it but im sure there is a hundredth of other teenagers out there who are just like me, needing an angle.
sincerely, B.




Subject: hi alvin
hey alvin my name is P.A. i am 14 and i live in frelighsburg visited my school in cowansville.massey vanier high school and i was very proud that you came because you taught me a lot.last year i got kich out of massey because of smoking drugs with my friends i am so mad at myself because i did that. i am so scared that i will be asked to do it again and i won't want to say no to my friends and i would probaly try it. ever since i met you and read about you from so many places i thaught that i should email you and tell you about me.i think that it is cool that you visit around to so many schools to talk about your life experience i would be so scared to do it in front of so many people but you have been through so much. anyways when you get this message i would realy like it if you would be able to email me back please. p.s sorry if my spelling is wrong but i am so excited that i am writing to you! thank you




Subject: hello there
hello there, i was in the audience when you gave us that amazing speech/story. i was that first girl who asked for your autograph. anyways the speech was so cool. i mean many of us didnt think it was that bad. boy what you went through is much worst than what i htought can happen. well anyways i never planned to start and now im sure i never will. and trust me i will run if someone offers. by the way i'll be emailing you regularily if you dont mind. can you please email me back and tell me if i can. i love talking to people about my problems. Thank you so much for your time, hope you are a great succes in your work.. your doing great yet..







Subject: Thank you!!
Hello My name is A.,and i go to Sacred Heart Middle School..and i was in your audience. When you told us that story i wanted to cry so hard...The way you said it it was so sad...When you were having trouble with your family and the drugs...i was saying to so happy that hes the end of your speech when you gave out those papers
,i said to my self..this guy went throught a lot in his life,and im thankful that you got throught that..and i wish you the best with your family and your foundation..Good luck in your foundation.i will always remeber what you said.. Thank you soooooo mush...and thank-god for your life -A.




Subject: thank you for saving my life
hi alvin
i am a student from centennial regional high school. you came to do your speech on drugs last year at our school. back then i was myself caught up in drugs. when i heard that we were to attend to this assembly, i was discouraged because i thought it would be another one of those lectures that our parents and teachers give us. however when i walked out of the auditorium, my heart was big and i really started to think about my futur. alvin, since u came to our school i have recovered from my addiction. thank you for that. you came back to my school this week and i got the chance to thank u personally. i was really glad for that because it made me even more sure that i will stay drug free for the rest of my life. ur speech touched me in a way that no one else had been able to do. and, i just wish that my friends who are stuck in the same position u and i were, could hear about u and decide to do the right thing and take control of their life. the way you spoke made me think of myself and i got determined to stop ruining my life and start having some real fun. well i just wanted u to be aware that i appreciate what u did for me. and when people ask me how i got out of that world i will for sure mention your name. you are my hero alvin, and i thank you from the bottom of my heart...
thnx again



Subject: your presentation was excellent!
Mr.Alvin Powell, My name is W.J. and I'm from L.R.H.S. I'm writing to you on behalf of your presentation at my school. I would like to tell you that it was excellent! It was really outstanding. Your presentation touched me in many ways, it even made me cry. Not only did I listen to what you had to say, but I heard and understood what you were saying. I would like to thank you for your hug when you gave me your autograph. I, personally have never taken drugs and I don't plan on doing them either but, my family has a lot of problems with drugs and alcohol, especially my brother. I'ts too bad that my brother missed your presentation because Im sure it would have touched him as much as it touched me. I would like my brother to get help but I dont think he wants any, so therefore I cannot help him. I would like to thank you again for your amazing presentation and I hope to see you again at my school. W.J.




Subject: Selwyn House Hi
I just wanted to say that your presentation at Selwyn House 2day was incredible. It was really really great and i do believe it was the absolute best assembly in Selwyn House history. I just wanted to try to support your cause and if you ever need any extra help you can contact me here at this email. E.M. Subject: i've got a problem hi, i've got a problem, i take weed and ecs, but weed doesn't get me high for shit anymore unless i take like 4 grams at a time and ecs makes me
really depressed, so my friend keeps on asking me to take coke w/ him, but he got so fucked up that i'm scared of it, and i don't know what to tell him anymore and i want to stop smoking and taking ecs too, but its really hard
to be with my friends without blazing. Can you give me some suggestions please. thanks D.D.




Subject: Keep up the goog work- re Gazette article..
Hi Mr. Powell
I just wanted to take a moment to say you are doing a great job. I know first hand the effects of drugs ( over 20 years as an addict) and the effects it has on our young people and anyone else who decides to dabble with the dragon. I have also spent many years helping others get off drugs and also the occasional speaking event at a local school to tell my story. If I could ever be of assisstance please contact me.
Best Regards L.J.A.




Subject: WIC Hi Mr. Powell,
I was a student in the audience when you spoke to WIC. I admire you 100% and appreciate all you do and your story and was motivation and it opened my eyes. My friend and I are doing a project for school and would like to include you in it. Could you please give us a quote for kids with drug problems to put in the project? Sincerely yours, S.J.


Subject: Great Presentation
Dear Mr. Powell, Thank you so much for your great presentation to our students at Kells Academy . Your talk generated much discussion and the students were in awe. If you were able to reach only one student yesterday, I would say that your time here was well spent. Thanks once again, A.L.(teacher at Kells)

Subject: hi!! i have a really big problem.

hi my name is S. and you came to our school today. and you told us if we had drug problems that we could write you and ask for help.Its because my boy friend takes drug he take pot and he just tasted the cocaine and he likes it. but i told him that there was a guy that came and talk about it but he didint want to listen so i wanted you to tell me tricks and ill try to tell him your tricks to make him stop. im very scared im scared that he can loose is life. and hes onle 13 years old.



Subject: need help
hi,alvin this is A. writing to you today you came and make a speech at our school in richmond.. and i was surprise i have never took crack and hard drugs like this but since 3 years i have been talking pot , hash and even speed. Extazy and ecttt... i have a seriouse problem with it each weekend i buy 4 !! and this is really expensive i have been caught 7-8 times this summer and can't stop this is really hard pressure on me .. i think that i need to stop speed !!! i was able to stop for 8 months but my friend keep on doing it on the weekend and i see them and it make me feel like i need it really bad..
i hope that your going to read this message and write me backk .. thank you i love your speech and am glad that your having a great time now!!
love you xxx A.


Subject: your moving speech Dear Mr Alvin Powell,
Hi my name is B. and I am a student from Sacred Heart Middle School in Laval. I was deeply touched when I heard your moving speech about drug addiction. It had an amazing impact on me, and I think it had the same affect on many others. When we listened to your story we learned how powerful drugs are and what they do to your life! I want to tell you how much I appreciated listing to your life story, how interesting it was, and I would like to thank you for taking the time to come and speak to us at our school. Sincerly, B.A.


Subject: RRHS student Hello.
I'm a student from RRHS and I have now begun my fourth year (level 4). Every year, the school invents people to speak
about drugs and sex. Up to now, you have been the best one I've seen, and I'm not the only one to say that! You were really present the whole time you talked and being powerful all the way. I simply wanted to tell you that you are really convincing. S.F.


Subject: Hello!
Hi, My name is D. and I am a secondary five Quebec High School student. You came to visit us on the 17th of November to greet yourself and try to explain certain things that will happen if people do drugs. I was very amuzed with your speech, it was great. I believe you reached out to a lot of students during your speech. I am e-mailing you because I would like to know if there is any possibility that graduated students like my self, are able to join your foundation.
I am really interested in joining your foundation in order to help adolesences out to fullfill their dreams and make sure they don't do that by making the wrong mistake by taking drugs. Down here in my town around my house there are a lot of kids aged from 10-16 smoking up every night. I really hate seeing it when I walk by them coming home from school. There would be little kids outside playing aged 2-10 and there would be older kids like I mentioned before just picking on them
and smoking right in front of them. And of course they are actually inhailing the fumes. They are taking it in, they will become addicted also when they are older. I hate seeing things like that happening when they are surrounded by little kids. Sorry if I am repeating my self but it really bothers me. I hope to here from you if possible. D.D.


Subject: Help me please
Hi Mr.Powell, My name is N.G., I am stuck on drugs i dont know how to get off. i need help cuz i can't find the courage to tell my parents and since i don't have that courage i need help to stop my drug problem. I have heard you speek before at
Alexander Galt I remember cuz i still have your autograph from last year. I am nerveus about asking for help cuz you are the first person i told please may this stay between us two. My phone # is ...This is for you to call me so we can talk




Subject: kells school talk Confidential
Mr. Powell,
I just wanted to thank you for your talk on substance abuse prevention that you gave to our middle school last week. As a teacher I find it difficult to give my students the real story without making the topic appear interesting in a rebellious and "cool" way and to side-step the whole issue of my own own past involvement. Yet, it's definitely something that concerns me and something that I try to address on a daily basis with my students who actually do confide their
experiences with abuse to me. I was glad to find out that you'll be re-visiting us in the near future to talk with Grade 10 and 11. These are the students who concern me the most since I know that some of them are over-indulging in alcohol and drugs (weed, mushrooms and cocaine) and not just on weekends. Many of them have alot of emotional pain from which to escape. I am sure that your talk will make a great impression on them. Your delivery is entertaining and straight-shooting, you don't pull any punches.This is definitely what they need. Personal experience is the only thing they truly respond to. Again, I thank you on behalf of the students who were rivited last week with your talk and upon whom you made a real impression. Regards,



Subject: Thanks again

You've been a great inspiration for many of my students. Unfortunatly one of them was absent and he is the one who would of needed it the most. He's in big trouble at this moment. All the students of the class came back
thinking and talking about him. He really would need your help. He's a good kid but just going down the drain actually. Please help me to help him! Thanks again! Congratulation!
Mrs. N.D. Teacher

Subject: hey....write to me as soon as possible plz
hey M.Alvin,
I would tell my sister to call you, but I will only be talked to as a loser....i will be treated like shit from her. Thank you so much for writing back, it made me feel real good. M.Alvin, you have to promise me not to ask the school for my sister, or else I will be a laughstoke EVERYWERE!!!! PLease don't do that....I do know the percentage of what happens to people when they take drugs. It is very hard for me to talk to my sister...she is so meen to me when she is not hi. yours truly, A.



Subject: hello Alvin, 

my name is F. and u came to my school laurentian regional high school .I am writing you this email to tell you that your presentation was very good and interesting,your presentation affected the inside of me when you were telling the parts about you and smoking drugs.I would like to thank you for coming to my school for that presentation.If you have the time it would be very nice to write back to me. Im sory to write this email so late it is just because i did not want to send it too soon because you would of hade to my to read. Sory if there is too many spelling mistakes .nice to meat you Alvin Sincerely F.G.



Subject: hey, awesome presentation

So, your presentation was reallllllly interesting. I liked it and you most definitely caught my attention. Well lucky for you i don't have a drug problem and neither do the close people i know around me do either. My sister does drugs at times, but they're not hardcore and she has self-control for sure. But i did have a distant family member on my dad's side who ruined his family and ended up being homeless and begging on the streets because of his problem. To this day i don't know if he's still alive. But it's really sad. Anyway, i'm just wondering that could you actually die the first time u xperiment weed or try drinking or something? I mean except E or heroine and acid...that stuff , i know, could kill you the first try. But yeah, thanks for visiting our school. take care! D.S.



Subject: A Student of L.R.H.S

Alvin, You spoke at my school not to long ago and you were by far our best speaker in ages but I write to you saying its not enough. The social structure here revolves around Sex and drugs. These kids won't admit their own frailty and insecurities but they will gladly admit to any and all sexual acts and drug related topics. Frankly its naive on their part.

I'm surrounded by these people day in and day out. Being a senior student and not doing drugs leaves me out of the loop which is fine with me because I prefer to be with mature people but I find that now I've developed a superiority complex. So why do I care about what you say to these kids? I spend much of my free time comforting Suicidals,Rape victims, underage mothers ect..ect. I'm not trained to do such work and it does tend to affect me.Its a burden. You, Alvin, You have a gift. You can speak to these teens and have some impact, not a big enough impact to make them change but I'm hoping that with time your message will be shown to these kids in a way that will smack them in the face and open their eyes wide as can be. As much as they all listened to you and got your message they ignore it. I don't really know what you can do to show these kids what lies for them in the future but I'm hoping eventually you'll figure it out and do another tour. You truly are an inspiration Alvin. J.J.



Subject: Great speech

Hi i'm from Kuper Academy and I just wanted to say your talk with us was awesome. It was an inspiration to me and I will never touch a drug ever. I had a little conversation with you when you signed my paper i'm sure you don't remember me but I was Simon and i'm just telling you again how much I liked it. If you want to e-mail me back it's .....
It was great listening to you. H.F.



Subject: alvin your my hero

Hey Alvin I am a great fans of yours. You're a real inspiration to me. I have a couple of questions??? 1. I have Jill de le tourette which is a disease of ticks. And usually come with obsession compulsiveness. I've never wanted to try but like all I want to know is how it taste is it good I only want to try but I know what it can do to you. Is there more chance for me to like get hooked up into it if I have this disease???? 2. one of my friend's brother is on drugs but she doesn't want to suggest it to her parents of brothers cause her parents are also well not drugs but smoke and ++++ you know what I mean. What should I do and please keep this a secret I am not suppose to tell you this. Alvin you really had a bad childhood and I noticed when you were at L.T.M you seem to be on the edge of crying what was the most horrible part of you life? Alvin every time you help someone how does that feel? And when you do no succeed what do you do there parents get their money back ( if they are payd). Answer me please quick. C.G.



Subject: u r awesome!!!

hi, i am a student from Laurentian Regional HighSchool! i just wanted to let you know how much you have taught me... my mom always told me don't take drugs and all but i didn't think it would affect me that much( i never took any!). But now that i heard from someone else what it can really do to you i never want to try such a thing... when you were telling us what you went through my friends and i were all crying! i just want to let you know that it was greatly appreciated! thanks a lot! K.G. (the last girl who asked for your autograph!!!)



Subject: presentation concerning LRHS

Dear Mr.Alvin Powell
I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your presentation that you did in front of the students of LRHS, Im a senior at that school and ive never seen anyone catch anyones attention as much as you did. I thought that it was very interesting and it made me think alot about life with and withought drugs. It made alot of people be more familiar about drug abuse and whats its like. I think this caught alot of peoples attention because you were a real person who lived through the real experiences of what its like to be a drug addict. Thank you for your presentation im sure it made alot of people think twice about drugs. yours truly Y.D.



Subject: Hey Alvin,

Im the kid with the red sweatshirt that just stopped by at the end of your presentation before going to my basketball game( which we lost by 30 points...) Anyway, i don't know where to start, but here it is.... You see, i live in a town 45 min. from LRHS (my school) called St-Sauveur. St-Sauveur is reknown for being THE party town (aka drugs and alcohol paradise) and I've become dragged into this circle. I am generally a good kid, 92% average, im really into skateboarding and skateboarding, im sponsored for snowboarding by both Burton and Performance boardshop, the local boardshop in st-sauveur. But as you probly know, us skateboarders are the type that likes to party. Two summers ago, when i had turned 13 not too long before, I smoked my first joint at Canada Day, of crazy indoor hydroponic "blueberry" stuff with a friend from B.C.. I got hooked right away. before i started smoking, I, believe it or not, I got SMASHED out of my mind every weekend drinking beer at parties. when i started getting blazed, i dropped drinking because pot was so much easier to get a hold of and to hide. I was a good kid though, i got a job dishwashing, my average was still in the 90s, and i was popular with tha ladies at school. Anyway, i haven't stopped smoking since then. until last summer , it was mostly on weekends, at parties with friends, but this summer, me and my friend would go skateboard at the skatepark and smoke 3.5 grams between us EVERy single day ( we smoked till we slept) just cause there was nothing to do. We werent the only ones though, the other skaters did it too. In st-sauveur, WEED is THE thing to do. I still smoke pretty much every day after school either at the ski hill or before going to bed haha, but it just came to me lately that i ABUSE it. This hit me when the principals at my school started getting suspicious of me cause i hung with the wrong crowd, even though i never smoke at school. My locker was searched by cops last week cause they suspected i had a pound in it, which was bullshit, but anyway, i had a revelation. I tried stopping for one week; couldn't do it, i just simply couldnt find anyhting else to do, so i rolled a doob and shmoked it. I spend around 20 bucks a week on it, but thats for 3.5 grams of Hells Angles top-of-the-line stuff. My friend, whos even worse off then me(smokes 6 joints a day at school, he smoked 3 joints to HIMSELF before seeing your presentation today) spends around 100$ which he steals from his parents EVERY week. Anyway, im sure you understand how it is, you were once in the smae shoes as i am now (except with more hardcore drugs) . Ive done shrooms, but i bad tripped ( i ate 3grams) so i stuck only to weed. i want to stop but i cant find anything else to do on weekends that is FUN. Im too smart and i have too much common sense to start shit like crack cocaine or speed or anything, just cause i wasnt raised like that, and have a good family at home, but i don,t want smoking to start affecting my health and how i perform during snowboard competitions, basketball games, skateboarding, etc.... Its Also affecting how i am at home with my parents, cause theyve busted me with the usuall shit, drying stolen pot plants, visine bottles in my pockets, liters, papers, crumbs, etc etc. I really appreciate your presention, it really moved me and i really respect how you,ve turned your life around like that. Please email back , tell me what you think i shuld do and whatever else comes to mind. Peace homeboy W.Z. Subject: Thanks Alvin



Hey man, just wanted to say that i was inspired by what you had to say and that i think you've acheived great things by doing what you're doing and helping those who need help in the name of God. For quite some time, i've been thinking of trying weed because alot of my friends do it. I've heard it over and over again how bad drugs are and what weed would do to you, but hearing what you had to go through as a result of satin's manipulation was devastating. I think we should all learn from other people's mistakes and as you said 97 percent of people that do weed start some other kind of drug.

You have been through alot in your life from Pro football to cocain addiction and I think you have became an awesome person devoting your life to helping drug addicted people. After today, you have definetly convinced me never to try weed and to stay away from it no matter how much satin tempts me. I was very happy to hear that God had a great role in your life, and I hope that Jesus will speak to me individually and that he will guide me into being the kind of man he wants me to be. A Student at Kells Academy



Subject: Thank-you

Hey Avin, (I hope you don't mind that I adress you casually, after all, we are brothers in Christ!). I've been meaning to e-mail you for so long but I ended up procrastinating for far too long. You visited my school "Quebec High School" a few weeks ago. I only had a chance to say a few words to you so I thought I'd express it further in an e-mail. First and foremost I was very moved by your presentation. Your story was very inspiring and there were so many messages conveyed. I admire your honesty, it is a very useful tool with teenagers and just about everyone. Your story reminded me of many things. You showed me how money doesn't make your life easier, you showed me an example of the way God will always be there to pick you back up no matter how many times you fall, you showed me that you are never as mentally strong and resistant as you think you are, you showed me that the littlest things can lead to the biggest mistakes
and that those big mistakes can make you lose everything you really love, you taught me the ways in which the devil will trick you and try to take your life. Your presentation was full of these messages and I think that if people can remember at least one thing it will be one more planted seed, which may or may not grow, but will always be there. I appreciated very much the Christian message you delivered. At first I was afraid you were going to make fun of the church, but then you changed that. It was an interesting technique to laugh a bit about it at first because many people can put themselves in your shoes. Then you tell about how you changed your perspectives and people (hopefully) realize that you thought
the same way they did, and resisted like they have, but then you understood what it was all about you were transformed. I was pleased that you talked about how you were forgiven again and again. Afterwards I was just thrilled that you were able to come into our school. We were not even able to start a Chrsitian Fellowship group inside the school 2 years ago even though we were not imposing ourselves on others. So I guess the best way to spread the message is to spread it the way you did, inside a presentation dealing with drugs or other issues. Anyways, all that to say, I'm very happy that you spoke about Jesus as an answer because He is The Answer. So often we hear about how drugs are bad but we don't hear it from personal experience and there is no real answer except in Jesus, because he is always there (kinda like your organization!). By the way, I was just wondering if your center was going to be Christian-oriented or have some kind of Christian feel to it? I'm just curious. I wish you the best with your project and I'll be praying that God will have His hand in its future because he obviously has up till now. Thank you very much for all you've done and thank you for taking the time from your very busy life to read to the end of this long e-mail. Your brother in Christ, W.W. Deuteronomy 15:10 "Give generously to him and do so without a grudging
heart; then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your
work and in everything you put your hand to."




Hi Mr Powell, My name is D.C. and both of my brothers smoke drugs. You came to Heritage on Monday and I thought you couldn't have done a better job explaining to me how dangerous that stuff really is! I'm only twelve and I've gone through alot through the years that I have lived just like you! When I was 6, my parents got a divorce and that was a big affect on our entire family. There are 4 kids in my family and we are all still dealing with it even though 6 years have past. Now, my two brothers, to get over their depression, smoke drugs!! On Monday after you had talked to us, when I got home I received REALLY bad news !!: My brother got arrested for drug use and the next time he gets caught he will never be able to go to the States and he'll have a criminal record!!! My oldest brother is turning 19 in January and I love him to death and I know he feels the same way about me!!! He knows that I hate the fact that he does drugs, but his friends set really bad examples. I have no idea how to convince them to stop and for them to realize how it's ruining their lifes!! Please help me figure out what to do because I've tried to talk to them but they dont take my advice!! Please write me back and help!!! Thank you with all my heart!! Love, D.C.




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